More than 50 years of trajectory support us in growing, producing and selling best quality fruits and vegetables.

We are a company located in Cox, a village in the South of Alicante, that has a wide trajectory on the horticulture sector and that is present at many countries around the world. For over 50 years, we have been specialized in growing, producing and distributing many different varieties of fruits and vegetables. In Mari Pili, we go for pairing the most rooted agricultural tradition and the most forward-looking technology that allow us develope and offer best quality products.



Our company grows fruits and vegetables entirely in Spain, in the great amount of properties we own in our country.



We own advanced precalibration and packaging equipments that help us choose the best products for our clients.



We own a qualified logistic group to distribute a great range of products to a large variety
of countries.


Our mission consists of meet a global demand for best quality agricultural products. To achieve this aim, we go for a national and international market share, producing competitive fruits and vegetables and the sustainability and social responsibility in our production progress.


We aim to become a referral organization in the horticulture sector, not only in our country but also beyond our borders. Approaching this goal will be more feasible thanks to the enlargement of our installations, the implementation of new certifications that ensure the supreme quality of our products and technological incorporations that optimize every part of the production process.


We trust on the values that have configured Mari Pili’s identity during our existence of more than 50 years to see the coming years with the most absolute guarantee.
Passion – Integrity – Excellence – Honesty – Commitment – Proximity – Flexibility

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